Administration & Contacts



Second floor, Office building, North Campus.    Tel:86-029-88202236

Section B, Library, South Campus.                Tel:86-029-81891663

Name:Yang Junwei Position:Office director Tel:029-88202236
Name:Wang Hanru Position:Deputy office director Tel:029-8820227
Name:Fang Xin Position:Deputy office director  Tel:029-81891663 Ext 201

Name:Li Yan Position:Assistant to the Dean Tel:029-88202276
Name:Li Xiaohong Position:Comprehensive officer Tel:029-88202275
Name:Qin Weimin Position:Officer for educational administration Tel:029-88202275
Name:Yao Ruoyu Position:Officer for educational administration Tel:029-88202254
Name:Liu Xinyu Position:Officer for Party work Tel:029-88202254
Name:Deng Jian Position:Postgraduate counselor Tel:029-88201842
Name:Duan Xiaole Position:Officer for internationalization and human resource Tel:029-88202253
Name:Gao Jin Position:Officer for administration and state-owned assets Tel:029-88202236
Name:Hao Rui Position:Secretary Tel:029-88202253
Name:Tian Xuemei Position:Postgraduate counselor Tel:029-88201842
Name:Wang Jing Position:Officer for specially trained students Tel:029-88202276
Name:Sun Jingjing Position:Postgraduate counselor Tel:029-88202253

Name:Mao Haochao Position:Officer for practice affair  Tel:029-81891663 Ext 202
Name:Pan Xiaozhu Position:Officer for school register management Tel:029-81891663 Ext 205
Name:Li Linzi Position:Officer for practice affair  Tel:029-81891663 Ext 204
Name:Mao Jiaxin Position:Officer for educational administration Tel:029-81891663 Ext 203
Name:Si Bo Position:Officer for educational administration of Sino-French Class Tel:029-81891662 Ext 201
Name:Lu Ruoyun Position:Officer for school register management of Sino-French Class Tel:029-81891662 Ext 202
Name:Wang Jinlong Position:Director of the Sino-foreign Cooperative Education Office  Tel:029-81891652

Name:Zhang Yanfei Position:Sino-French Class counselor Tel:029-81891257
Name:Wu Yuanyuan  Position:Sino-French Class counselor Tel:029-81891257
Name:Fan Wei Position:Undergraduate counselor
Name:Yang Zengxin   Position:Undergraduate counselor Tel:029-81892293
Name:Wang Dan Position:Undergraduate counselor Tel:029-81892293
Name:Yang Xiaoyu   Position:Undergraduate counselor Tel:029-81891065
Name:Wang Zhudan Position:Undergraduate counselor Tel:029-81891065
Name:Zhang Ningxiang   Position:Undergraduate counselor Tel:029-81891065
Name:Qian Denian Position:Undergraduate counselor Tel:029-81891869
Name:Zhao Tonglu   Position:Undergraduate counselor Tel:029-81891869
Name:Bai Yanghua Position:Undergraduate counselor Tel:029-81891869
Name:Qiang Wei   Position:Undergraduate counselor Tel:029-81891269
Name:Cao Chang Position:Undergraduate counselor Tel:029-81891269
Name:Gao Xingdong   Position:Undergraduate counselor Tel:029-81891269