School of Electronic Engineering

       The School of Electronic Engineering has a long history. Its predecessor body was the Department of Radar Engineering of PLA Communication Institute, which was founded by some famous experts of electronics represented by Sun Junren, a famous expert in electronic system and Bi Dexian in 1952. In June, 1999, the former School of Electronic Engineering, the Department of Microwave Telecommunication and Antenna Research Institute merged into the new School of Electronic Engineering.
      Now the School has 310 faculty members, among which there are 278 full-time teachers, 89 professors, 130 associate professors, 119 full-time doctoral supervisors and 208 master supervisors. There is one Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2 nationally outstanding teachers and 7 chair professors or specially-appointed professors of The Yangtze River Scholars. 3 have won The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, and 4 have won the National Outstanding Youth Science Foundation. Now there is an “Innovative Research Group of National Natural Science Foundation of China” and two “Innovation Teams in Key Fields of the Ministry of Science And Technology”, two “Innovation Teams of the Ministry of Education” and two “Teaching Innovation Teams of the Ministry of Education”.
      Now our School has 5945 full-time undergraduates, postgraduate students and doctor students. There are 3 first-level disciplines of Doctoral degree programs, 7 secondary disciplines of Doctoral degree programs, 3 first-level disciplines of Master degree programs, 8 secondary disciplines of Master degree programs, 4 undergraduate programs, 3 national key disciplines and 4 national characteristic disciplines, which make the School a base for high-level talented person cultivating. The graduates of our School mainly serve in China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, China State Shipbuilding Corporation Limited, civil aviation companies, communication device manufacturing companies, communication operators and some famous foreign companies, and the employment rate is nearly 100%.
      In the Fourth round of discipline ranking, the discipline Electronic Science and Technology supported by the School of Electronic Engineering ranked A+, tying for first place in China; the discipline Information and Communication Engineering ranked A. In 2017, “Information and Communication Engineering” was selected in the list of National Double First-Class Construction Disciplines. The undergraduate program “Electronic Information Engineering” ranked first in the Evaluation Report of Chinese Universities and Disciplines by RCCSE, and another 3 programs also came out top. In 2019, the program “Electronic Information Engineering” was selected as the national first-class undergraduate programs.