LAI Xinquan

LAI Xinquan Professor


Email: xqlai@mail.xidian.edu.cn

Department: School of Electronic Engineering

Research areas: Power management, Mixed-signal integrated circuit for MEMS inertial sensors, light sensors, microphone, class-D audio amplifiers, LED/LCD drivers, motor drivers, battery charge controllers, and SOC systems for wireless communication.

Keywords: Mixed-signal Integrated circuit design, Power Electronics

Biography(Brief introduction):

  Prof. Lai received his Bachelor’s degree in Microelectronics and Master’s degree in Circuit and System from Xidian University from 1987 to 1993 and obtained PhD degree in 1998 from Northwestern Polytechnical University in the field of Computer applications. In 1999, he was appointed as an associate professor / master tutor of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics CAD, and has been engaged in scientific research in ASIC design and successfully designed and projected more than 100 ICs. He is also Doctoral supervisor of circuit and system, academic leader and director of circuit CAD institute. He has trained 20 doctor and 200 master students, obtained 70 national invention patents, won 7 provincial and ministerial scientific research awards, presided over 12 national key scientific research projects, and published more than 150 academic papers in core journals at home. In abroad he has more than 120 articles that were retrieved by the three major SCI / EI / ISTP systems. His main area of interest includes weak signal processing circuit design, Power Electronics, Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits Design and High-Speed Electronic Circuits and Systems.


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