The 4th French Cultural Festival of Xidian University with the theme of “Best Wishes to Motherland and Best Dreams in Xidian” Came to a Successful Conclusion

          This year is the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. In order to extol China’s 70-year glorious development, praise the new era and describe the new journey, the School of Electronic Engineering of the Xidian University held the “Best Wishes to Motherland and Best Dreams in Xidian”, the 4th French Cultural Festival on the evening of May 13. Liu Jianfeng, the Deputy Secretary of the School of Electronic Engineering, Yang Junwei, the office director, Yang Zhen, the deputy secretary of Haitang No.9 Academy, Kong Nannan, the Deputy Director of International Education Division, Philippe Lorenzini, the Vice President of Polytech Nice, Sylvain Toru, Martin Kogelschatz and HerveTortel, the professors of France Polytech Group and the French teacher representatives from Xi’an International Studies University have attended this event. 
         This French Cultural Festival aimed at enriching campus life, experiencing French culture and feeling exotic romance so as to arouse students’ interests to learn French. The freshmen in the Sino-French joint education project acted as the main performers and cooperated with other grade students in the Sino-French joint education project and the students from the School of Foreign Language. The event was started with the enthusiastic performance by the band formed by the students in the School of Electronic Engineering and climaxed with the energetic dance by the girls from the School of Foreign Language. The singing contest had Chinese songs and French songs, of which melodies smoothly and perfectly connected and were integrated together. Some familiar songs to Chinese people were sung out in French, bringing different feelings. The recital contest made everyone to understand the beauty of French like a song. The Song of Missing made the French friends feel the charm of traditional Chinese culture. Four comperes demonstrated the unique style of the Sino-French joint education project with fluent bilingual hosts, and made the audience feel the colorful culture. After the show, the judges awarded first, second and third prizes to the students in each competition. 
        The colorful exoticism of the cultural festival and the unique charm of the language collision made the students fully feel the fun of language learning. The success of this event further promoted the students' understanding of the culture of China and France, and improved the enthusiasm of students of Sino-French joint education project to learn French. Students can learn French in songs and recitations, experience French culture, and firmly believe in studying abroad in France by an interesting and lively learning way.